Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Review: An Unexpected Bride

Today's review is on An Unexpected Bride by Shadonna Richards.

An Unexpected Bride was an unexpected delight to read.  It showed the extent to which one may go to ensure the dieing wish of a loved one.

Emma Wiggins is the last member of the Wiggins line.  Her grand father; who raised her along with his now deceased wife, is in a long-term care facility facing his own mortality.  He is dieing of cancer.  He has but one unfulfilled wish.  He wanted to see his grand daughter married before he left this earth.  So what does a girl do in this instance?  Why she fabricates an fiance of course.

Enter the marriage phobic Evan, Emma's secret crush.  He is handsome, successful, and built like a god.  Now she just has to convince him to marry her.  Thankfully he agrees.  After all, Emma's not to hard on the eyes herself and he finds himself attracted to her even though he never mixes work with pleasure.

The book flips from Emma's life and perspective to Evan's as they each tackle life and "find" each other.  They each realize how much passion, desire and love they really have for the other.

I have but only two negative things to say about this book.  First off, there are many spelling errors and grammatical errors through out.  It is difficult to really enjoy a good story line when there are so many mistakes.  Get a good editor or a second person to recheck your manuscript.  Secondly, what's with the ending?  I fell deflated!  I would have liked another chapter or two.  One to tell me how that last conversation between Evan and his dad went, and how he made the decision to go through with the wedding.  The other to describe the actual ceremony.  As it's written, you build everything up to the wedding and leave the reader hanging.

All in all I actually enjoyed this book even though it's not my usual "cup of tea."

3 of 5 stars


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