Monday, September 5, 2011

Book Review: In The Shadows

Today's review is on In The Shadows by Julieanne Lunch

In The Shadows is by far an excellent book. At first I wasn't sure about what it was about, but by the end of the third chapter I was in for the long haul. It is an excellent addition to anyone's vampire collection.

There are so many trials that poor 18 year-old Giselle Bergman must face. The betrayal of her boyfriend Marc, her best friend Alex, and others around her it drove me to tears twice!!

Giselle is brought into the world of vampires in the most dramatic of ways. After finding out that Marc had slept with Evie, Alex helps her get revenge on of all days her prom where she had just been crowned queen.

She soon realizes that her best friend Alex isn't all that he seems to be. He has been controlling her life without her knowing it and he doesn't plan on ending his control over her any time soon. He seemed so nice, so caring, and so loving towards her that his betrayal hurts that much more.

Now she is married to Alex and knows that he is a vampire, and now she is pregnant. In order to protect her, her father-in-law persuades her to go away with him and become his lover. Though the time together is short, she ends up falling in love with him only to be left on her own when he dies protecting her. Now she's on the run with Antoine, another vampire while others are out to kill her, and Alex and his mother are out to get her unborn child.

Oh, and by the way, she had to leave her dieing mother and the love of her teen life behind for all of this.

Wow!! Can there be any more drama in this book? In The Shadows is a thrilling book that will leave you with red eyes like the vampire's in this book!


5 of 5 stars


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