Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Review: Cornerstone Deep

                                            Today's review is on Cornerstone Deep by Charlene Wilson

Everyone is looking for that one true love, that one that completes us. In short, our soul mate. Using the belief of reincarnation and a paranormal aspect, Wilson brings us this beautiful love story in Cornerstone Deep.

Cole Shilo and his two brothers James and Vincent are wizards that come from another dimension. They, unlike the people of Cornerstone Deep, live for hundreds of years. In this dimension, they work under the Lords maintaining the laws and using their powers to clear the minds of the lower class, making them compliant to "work" for those of the higher classes.

While obtaining one such individual for Kyle Dressen; one of the Lords, who has had his eye on Anna for a long time and has gone to great lengths to make her his. Cole realizes that the woman they have just procured; Anna Sinclair, is the reincarnation of his beloved wife Mianna.

Now it is up to Cole and his brothers to get Anna back and reverse the magic that made her compliant to Kyle. Doing this comes with great cost though. Is true love worth that cost? What would you do for your one true love? What lengths would you go to for your soul mate?

A delightful fantasy world with a beautiful love story. Who wouldn't like to read that?

3 of 5 stars


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