Sunday, January 1, 2012

Book Review: Blood of Anteros

                                                Today's review is on Blood of Anteros by Georgia Cates

Sometimes the best things come in the smallest; or in this case, inexpensive packages. The for small cost of just $.99, the Blood of Anteros takes the reader on a fantastic journey.

Curry Brennan was turned into a vampire against his will over 160 years ago. The woman/vampire responsible; Marsala, turned him, claimed him, and as far as he is concerned took everything away from him. When she decides to take him and the two other vampires she claims to watch the solar eclipse he decides to take things into his own hands. He decides to face the "true death" by remaining in the sun when the eclipse ends. Saying a brief prayer just before the sun comes back out he is shocked to find that not only is he still "alive", but he is able to withstand the suns rays.

Twenty-One years later he finds himself back at the home that he had built in his human youth. Though it is now home to an elderly human couple, he does not fear that he will want their blood. After all, he has had the help of his mentor to "train" him. It's only when he is informed that the couples granddaughter will also be living in the house does he have cause for alarm. That is until he meets her.

Chansey captures Curry's heart from the moment he first meets her. Just her scent is enough to excite him, and it's not the scent of her blood. Unknown to either of them, they are meant to be together.

Chansey was born on the same day of the solar eclipse, and though she has her human parents' DNA she also has the blood of the god Anteros running through her veins. After finding out that she is his Agape, Curry decides that the only way to keep her safe from Marsala is to end their growing love affair and protect her from the shadows. There are other dangers out there though which prevent him from maintaining that distance. When things finally seem to be coming together in their favor however, Curry's younger brother shows up and throws a huge monkey wrench into the mix.

Finding new and inventive ways to tell a vampire love story is not an easy task. Cates has been able to do just that in spades. Being told from the point of view of Curry is just one of those ways. You'll have to read the book to find the others.

4 of 5 stars

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