Saturday, January 14, 2012

Book Review: Scent

                                              Today's review is on Scent by K.R. Smith

There have not been many books that have affected me as much as Scent has. I found myself filled with happiness at some points as well as horrible sadness to the point of bringing me to sopping tears at others. Perhaps it is because of the culture in which I myself live in here on the island of Kauai, where everyone is considered family and anyone older than you is called Auntie or Uncle, that the story of Bianca Wisetail and the Lokoti tribe touched me so. Whatever it was, I fell more in love with this book the more I read it.

Bianca Wisetail is the last Circulator to be born as well as the first female Lokoti Werewolf. Though being the last Circulator doesn't come with many downfalls, being the only female Werewolf does.

Declan Saber is the only European Werewolf among the Lokoti. He and his family were welcomed to the Lokoti tribe when he was bitten and his father was attacked and killed by a European Werewolf. As well as being the brother of Bianca's best friend, he is in love with her.

Though the Elders mean well, they arrange for Bianca to marry one of the two available Were's among the pack. One is Declan and the other is Grant. Without knowing that Bianca and Declan have feelings for each other and that they have already been together sexually, the Elders pick Grant even though he is ten years older than Bianca. During the six years of marriage Declan retains his love for her as well as the pain he carries seeing her with another man.

Ultimately Bianca and Declan do get to be together though not due to happy events, and when they do, they face some negativity. After all, now Bianca is the first Lokoti Werewolf to take on a second mate.

During her marriage to Declan, Bianca and her family go through an extensive amount loss as those around them age and pass on. Friends and relatives alike leaving just two among the main characters in the end. And though they are now surrounded by the descendant's of those family and friends, I found myself deeply saddened.

There is action and suspense in Scent as well as a timeless love story. It is however a very long book; 716 pages, and though it has a "science fiction" element, I didn't really find it necessary. Also, I think that perhaps the marriage between Bianca and Grant was a bit to long. Six years is a terribly long time for Declan to have to wait. Perhaps Grant could have gotten out of the picture a bit sooner. Lastly, I feel that there was just to much death towards the end. To have lost so many of the supporting characters was just to much for me. I mean how much can one person take? Even if that person is supernatural.

All in all, I do really love this book. I love the closeness of the tribe and the amount of love that is evident between the characters. In fact, during and even now after I have read Scent, I have been questioning my own relationships with my family. It is those books that ultimately make us question our own lives that are the really good ones. Because Scent has made me do just that, it must be good. I look forward to more books from Smith with open arms. (Just cut back on the Circulator stuff.)

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