Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Review: Sin

                                                   Today’s review is on Sin by Sean Allen

Sin is the first book that I have read by Allen and it has been by far the most thrilling; for me, as I was a Mental Health Professional.  This extraordinary tale into the life and mind of Sin Matthews had me inthralled throughout the pages.  Unlike his sister Joy; who seems to bring joy to everyone, Sin brings death.  Literally.

We have all seen it and perhaps have even done it.  Picked up that solitary penny that you see on the sidewalk or the road.  We may have even recited the cute little poem that goes along with picking it up.  You know the one.  “See a penny, pick it up.  And all the day you’ll have good luck.”  Well that’s not the case for Sin.  After he picks up that penny things go wrong and accidents where people die begin happening all around him.  He doesn’t realize it then, but it’s not just the penny causing these deaths.  It’s actually him.

So what’s a guy to do when he is the cause of so much death?  Well he voluntarily commits himself to a mental ward, straight jackets and all.  When the drugs diminish in their effectiveness however, something else must happen.  HE needs to end his own life.  But can he?  Is that truly the answer?

With the help of his dead sister, Sin discovers what’s really going on at the Psych Ward. 

A murder mystery, a dead sister, and a not so crazy crazy guy makes for good reading.

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