Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Review: A Tale of Two Goblins

Today's review is on A Tale of Two Goblins by H. P. Mallory

Wow, wow, and wow. A Tale of Two Goblins is the second installment in Mallory's Dulcie O'Neil series. The fun and excitement continues even though Dulcie has left the ANC. Mystery and continued sexual tension between the sexy Loki and Dulce make for delightful reading.

Knight comes to Dulcie with a strange case. Whatever is happening, victims are winding up in dead or in a coma. What's worse is that Dulcie is somehow connected to all of them. When her BFF becomes the next victim all bets are off and Dulcie is out for blood. She will need the help of of all of her friends to solve this case.

Events from the past suddenly come up to bite Dulce in the a** when she finds that Knight is called to the High Court in the Netherword. It seems that he is not finished being Dulcie's Knight in shinning armor. Confessing that it was he who let Quill go will only make for a great third book.

Mallory's Dulcie O'Neil series is fast, fun, and fantastic.

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