Saturday, January 7, 2012

Today's review is on Deceived by Stephanie Nelson

Deceived is the second book in Nelson's Gwen Sparks series and all I have to say is OMG!  Sex, Lies, and danger await the reader in this FANGTASTIC book.  Nelson doesn't hold anything back, and continues to write a story that has me on the edge of my seat, neglecting my household chores, and keeping me up all night as I just could NOT put this book down.

Even though Aiden's addiction to Brew is gone, and he and Gwen are able to begin to get their relationship back to normal, witches are still being murdered.   The magical powers that the vampires gain through drinking their blood is the ultimate high.  Something has to be done.  The killing has to stop.

Being summoned to Moon by Holly; Gwen's "friend" and council member of the North American Witches Council, informs her of "the plan".  A plan that she will play a critical role in.  The NAWC has vengeance on their mind and a war between the witches and vampires is on the horizon.  However, it seems Holly is a little off base.  She wants to kill ALL vampires, not just the Brew users, and that doesn't bode well with Gwen.

Fear of being shunned by her kind, Gwen agrees to begin her training in all matters of Spirit Walkers, and keeps her visits with Aiden on the down low.

After practicing with Kye a few times, she is surprised to find that he has been replaced by Dorian, the perfect specimen of a man.  Tall, dark, brooding, and those eyes!  Who knew the a Reaper could be so yummy!  Adding her almost instant attraction to him into the mix of the other problems she's facing, and the continued invasion of Ian into her dreams; which get a little steamy, is almost to much.  Have no fear however, Gwen and Aiden find a way to end the war before it stars, and sever the bond between her and Ian to boot.  All it will take is a little blood, Gwen's blood to be exact.

When the time comes though, Gwen finds the truth and not only will her heart be broken by those she trusted, but her very fragile life is at stake.  Can Dorian give her the confidence she needs?  Read it and find out. 

There were a significant amount of mistakes in the manuscript I received, but after contacting the author I was informed that an edited version will become available very soon.  If that is the case, I cannot help but to continue to give this amazing series the highest rating.

BTW Stephanie, I am totally ready for some Gwen and Dorian romance.  I'm just saying.

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