Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book Review: Eternal Desire

              Today's review is on Eternal Desire by Roxanne Rhoads

Hot, Steamy, and Heavy are just a few words that came to my mind while I was reading this short erotic tale. Set in New Orleans just in time for Halloween, there is nothing but passion for ghosts, vampires, and humans alike.

Though Liz Beth keeps her relationships with men short and oh so sweet, she has always had Quillon. When she was a child, he would talk to her,  guide her, and protect her,  though she never saw him. Now as an adult, Quillon has added things more carnal in nature. He visit's her in her dreams giving her her most erotic dreams.

When he tells her one evening to travel to New Orleans she does not hesitate. Once there however, she meets Christien, a gorgeous man of God like quality. Though she thinks of Quillon, she can't help but give in to her desire to HAVE Christien whenever and however she can. After all, he is there. She can actually see him and touch him, where with Quillon she cannot.

Candy and treats aren't the only things given out on All Hallows Eve though, surprises are also thrown into the mix. And I don't know about you, but I just love surprises!!

Will Quillon ever come out from the shadows, or will Christien take his place in her head, heart, and ultimately her bed?

A fantastic erotic piece to spice up any rainy day. It certainly did today. Before you read it, just be sure your hunny bunny is close by for some surprises of your own.

5 of 5 stars
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