Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Review: Twice Cursed

                     Today's review is on Twice Cursed by Jacqueline Paige

Of the last three books I have read by Paige, Twice Cursed is my favorite. However, just as all of the books, Twice Cursed is full of editing misses. And though the story in and of itself is an interesting and captivating one, at times I felt that it moved a bit to slow.

Maddy is a twenty-four-year-old witchling who should have graduated years ago but for the curse that was placed upon her. With both of her parents gone, she has no one to turn to her but her best friend and her mother; who was her mothers best friend. Other than that, she is alone. Finally reaching a really low point one day, Maddy decides that she needs some time out of the house and goes to the local museum.

Across town, Colin too has been feeling down. He has tried to occupy his time each day, and has decided to get out of the house. While waiting for the bus, he notices an advertisement for the museum and heads there.

When they both gaze at the same artifact, they are both cursed. Now they can't be more than sixty feet apart, and when they are closer, the spirits of their ancestors want to possess their bodies. But how can they keep apart when the attraction they feel for each other is so strong?

What follows is a magical journey to find the truth and a love story that will touch your heart. (Though the ending was a bit anticlimactic) Just try to ignore all of the many mistakes in the writing.

3 of 5 stars

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