Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book Review: She Smells the Dead

                                  Today's review is on She Smells the Dead by E.J. Stevens

She Smells the Dead is the first book in Stevens' Spirit Guide series. Though short; less than 100 pages, it shows great promise.

Yuki, a senior in high school, and a goth, has the ability to smell the dead. Not so much the decaying corpse, but what she calls a "smell impression." Her latest is the unusual smell of vinegar. Doing a bit of research, Yuki finds that Jackson Green, the CEO of Green Orchards Apple Cider Vinegar Company has died. Not to unusual in and of itself, but his Will is missing.

With the help of her vegan friend Emma and her best friend Calvin, Yuki sets out to help the spirit of Mr. Green finish what he has to do so that he may move on. Life goes on however, and while doing so, she is plagued with strange dreams of silver wolves, a strange man with a tattoo, and Calvin. Whats more, when she is around Calvin she smells "wet dog".

As the story progresses, Yuki finds herself falling in love with Calvin. But when he disappears and doesn't return her calls she's afraid their budding romance is about to end. What she doesn't know is that she and Calvin are fated to be together, and they will each need the other in order to deal with the plethora of spirits that will come on Halloween.

Stevens has a great story to tell in this series. Her characters are cute and lovable, however, a good book is like a good sandwich. The first slice of bread is like the foundation of your story, a little background to your main character. The mayo, like your supporting characters. They bring a bit of flavor. Then you have the lettuce. Your building up to the main event, the meat. Here you have the tip of the climax, the point of no return. Add a little cheese. Now your characters are dealing with what happens after the main event. And finally you have the second piece of bread which is wrapping up your story.

She Smells the Dead has most of the pieces, if not a little skimpy. Perhaps I will find that the second book has a little more sustenance.

3 of 5 stars

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