Saturday, April 28, 2012

Book Review: Mystic Perceptions

             Today's review is on Mystic Perceptions by Jacqueline Paige

There is something about the books that Paige writes that keeps me going back to get more and more. Perhaps it is that though there is a paranormal element in each, there is also a story that could really exist.

Detectives Reid Merritt and Brent Jordan are investigating a string of murders. Four women so far have been discovered, but the detectives have run into dead ends with each lead. Until the department received a call from an unknown investigator, it looked like the case wouldn't be moving forward.

Enter the beautiful Jacinda Brown. Usually only dealing with investigative research involving furniture, Jacinda agrees to look into the disappearance of a missing woman at the urging of the woman's sister. Little did Jacinda know that this decision would take her out of her comfort zone and change her life forever.

Both Jacinda and Reid have had the misfortune of being on the receiving end of a cheating relationship, and have decided that being single is the best option. Along with that, Jacinda also has a gift; or a curse according to her, that allows her to see emotions, faces, and events of people and places. This only adds to her resolve to stay out of relationships and away from people.

Upon first meeting Jacinda, Reid is taken in by her beauty as she is taken in by his. And though at first neither one wants to be working together on this case, they grow on each other. What's better is that Reid is so much in control of his emotions that he is able to touch her, to hold her, and to kiss her.

As the case begins moving forward again, Jacinda decides to use her ability to help find the killer. Will Brent and Reid believe her or send her to the looney bin? Will Reid call her a freak and run for the hills? More importantly, can they catch a killer before he strikes again?

I love reading Paige's books, I really do. I just wish that she would get a better editor! Perhaps I'm just to old fashion, but I still feel that there is NO excuse for a book being sold to have mistakes in it.

3 of 5 stars
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