Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Review: The Fool's Journey

             Today's review is on The Fool's Journey by Kristina Jackson

The Fool's Journey is the first book that I have read by Jackson, and though it does have some paranormal aspect to it, I found that I lost interest after getting half way through. The cause? There seemed to have been just to many sub plots. A woman using her body for advancement in her company, a budding romance, the death of a loved one, the surprise pregnancy of another, two ghost stories, and a wedding that we never actually see.

After spending most of her career; basically selling her body to her bosses, Moira sees another woman being abused on the street. The woman is pregnant and later dies from her injuries. Shocked that one of the men that she sleeps with could treat this other woman so poorly, Moira seeks out advice from a psychic at a fair and receives a tarot reading.

Having full confidence in her the tarot, Moira sells her home and moves to start a new life. He new home however already has two occupants. A ghost named Jimmy, and the spirit of a young girl who resides in an old trunk.

She befriends her elderly neighbor and falls in love with her nephew. Once she becomes his fiance she is welcomed with open arms to the rest of his family.

Throughout everything, Moira checks her faithful tarot cards each day and meditates on their meaning. In doing this, she bases all of her decisions.

I originally thought that I would love this book, but I found that I just could not. There were mistakes throughout the copy that I was provided, and I had to force myself to continue through to the end. I guess in the end it just wasn't my cup of tea. Perhaps if there was more focus on the romantic aspect of Moira and fiance's life, I would have enjoyed it more.

Though I would probably have given the book a three star rating, with the number of mistakes that were within it, I just cannot, in good faith do even that.

2 of 5 stars
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