Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Review: Legend of Witchtrot Road


                                 Today's review is on Legend of Witchtrot Road by E.J. Stevens

Legend of Witchtrot Road is the third book in Stevens' Spirit Guide series, and is my favorite one so far. Not that I feel that it is exceedingly better than the other two, but I have seen some growth and improvement in the author. I also like how the relationships between Yuki and Cal, and more importantly Emma and Simon are moving along.

In the previous two books we have come to learn about Simon's past and his first love. We learn how he loved her so much, he went away with her when she entered college. We also learned how; while in wolf form, she was shot by a human and died in Simon's arms, and the pain that he carries with him because of that loss.

In this installment we get to meet Gabriel, the little brother of Simon's dead girlfriend. He has been harboring his anger for eight years and wants nothing more than to get revenge for his sisters death. Since he blames Simon, he wants that revenge let loose on him. It takes a lot of Cal's time and energy to keep Simon and Gabriel from killing each other, but he is still able to come to Yuki's rescue.

When Yuki is blamed for the death of a football player; on the so called cursed Witchtrot Road, the J-team gets the rest of the team to back them up. They want her to reverse the spell she put on the now dead player, and bring him back.

Wanting to get to the bottom of the curse, Yuki and Emma head out to Witchtrot Road alone one night. This results in a terrible accident that will have Emma seriously injured.

Everything comes to a close with the bad guys caught, the spirits moving into the light, and the gang all together. Especially Emma and Simon!!

Though there were still editing mistakes, the stories seem to be growing on me. I still feel that the stories are a bit to short, but I have given up and accepted that that is just how these books are. I will still read the next two that are planned for the series though because I just have to see how the relationship between Emma and Simon plays out.

3 of 5 stars
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