Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Review: Caressed By Night

                                             Today's review is on Caressed By Night by Amanda J Greene

Caressed by Night is the second installment in Greene's Rulers of Darkness series and is just as hot and steamy as the its predecessor.  Filled with love, lust, sex, and romance, this tale of finding ones soul mate will touch your heart as well as your libido.

Dimitri Arsov is the last pureblood vampire.  After faking his death and living underground for 400 years, he is ready to return to the vampire world to seek his revenge and reclaim his throne.  He is also ready to find his one true love, his mate.

While leaving a club one night, Kerstyn Ingmar is followed by two men bent on sucking her dry.  Thankfully she is rescued by Dimitri, a "Nordic god" in her eyes.  With his diamond blue eyes, Kerstyn is immediately drawn to him, and Dimitri has found his mate.

But Fate is a funny thing, and even with his visions of the future, Dimitri may not be able to spend his immortal life with the woman he loves.  Nor may he win his battle.  Or does he get everything his heart desires?

Steamy, hot, passion is abound in Caressed by Night, and you will most assuredly need a cold shower, a dip in the cool ocean, or a dunk in the cold pool.  Better yet, grab your mate and create some heat of your own.

3.5 of 5 stars
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