Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book Review: Dark Heirloom

               Today's review is on Dark Heirloom by Jennifer Brown

Dark Heirloom is the first installment in Brown's Ema Marx series.  Beginning with a life or death chase, the adventure is off to a great start.

With the overwhelming amount of Vampire Romance books out there today, it is necessary to have something a little different to make your book shine.  Thought I really enjoyed reading Dark Heirloom, and it did have a bit of a twist, I'm afraid it just didn't shine all that much better than many of the others I have read in the past two years.

Ema is attacked on the streets of Chicago by a strange man out to end her life.  but when his first attempt is thwarted, he try's once again only to find that Ema is now different.  Though she has never been bitten by a Vampyre,  she is suddenly becoming one.

Waking up from two days of "sleep", she finds herself in a strange but opulent castle, living among the very man, Jalmari, who was about to take her life.  Her one saving grace is Jesu, Jalmari's only brother, who seems to be the exact opposite of the evil Jalmari.

Jesu becomes her friend, her teacher, and quite possibly her love.  But as always life get's in the way, and Ema has an important role to fulfill.  She must defeat the infamous, self appointed, King Apollyon, but raveling through Hell and back may not be enough.

Though Brown's writing flowed beautifully, and I liked the characters, I would have liked a little more spice thrown in there.  I'm not talking erotic romance here, but I would expect a little more than a blushing Vampire who has been alive for thousands of years.  None the less, I will keep my eyes open for the next installment.  I have to at least see how Ema and Jesu's "relationship" plays out, if it ever does.

3 of 5 stars
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