Saturday, August 4, 2012

Book Review: D.N.A.

Today's review is on D.N.A by Ey Wade

It is said that there is still function in a dysfunctional family. But whoever said that, never meet Debney's family. In fact, she might as well be invisible. For as long as Debney can remember, it seems that her mother has never loved her, and the only way her father shows his affection is by buying things for her and her two brothers. All she has is her two best friends Nadine and Giante. But after the night of her eighteenth birthday, nothing will ever be the same.

Tragedy seems to be the constant in Debney Nichole Armstrong's,(D.N.A.) life as she is faced with the realities of her parents lives and their deaths. And as if that isn't enough, once the kids at school find out that she's pregnant and doesn't know who the father is, a whole new kind of Hell takes over. Not wanting to ruin her own reputation, even Nadine walks away. And not wanting her childhood crush to suffer, she tries to push Giante away to no avail.

D.N.A. has characters you can't help but fall in love with, and others that you will love to hate. And though the main character may have made irresponsible, teenaged decisions, it is a welcome difference to see that she is a loving, caring, and exceptionally smart woman, which proves that everyone makes mistakes. It's how you deal with the mistakes you've made that shows your true character, and in the case of Nadine, Giante, and Debney, they are way ahead of the game.

D.N.A. is a fantastic addition to anyone's home library.

4 of 5 stars
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