Monday, August 27, 2012

Book Review: The Foundlings

                                                            Today's review is on The Foundlings by: R. M. Garcia

This is one of the more difficult reviews I have written.  Though there was a lot that I liked about The Foundlings, there are some aspects that I didn't.  And though it offers one of the more unique takes on the classic vampire love story that I have read in a while, it seemed to go on and on and on, while other books of the same size have seemed to fly by.  Yes, with the weaving of past and present historical people and events, Garcia creates the ultimate good vs. evil story.  And his use of the Native American spiritual belief's and the Catholic doctrine was well done, there were just parts of the book that didn't need to be there and simply just took up space.

It seemed that the world was against poor Donnie.  He lost his mother to Cancer and his father shortly there after.  The pain was so unbearable that he closed himself off to most every one around him but his best friend, his favorite teacher, and his priest.  All that changes however when Abbie walks into his life, and the love that Donnie and Abbie have for each other is put to the ultimate test.

Vampire Nazis, Native American Spirit Guides, Angles, and Satan himself are a lot to overcome for our young lovers; not to mention Abbie's over protective father, and Donnie will need all of his new friends to succeed and fulfill his destiny.

The Foundlings offers a delightful love story full of drama, sacrifice, and vampires.  It's just a bit long.

4 of 5 stars
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