Sunday, August 21, 2011

Book Review: Morning Rising

Today's review is on Morning Rising by Samantha Boyette

When I first began reading Morning Rising I was hesitant because I thought it would be to much like a lesbian love story. Though the two main character's; Dylan and Kara, do love each other and become a couple, it was far from what I had expected.

Dylan is a Princess in the Dayworld, and Kara is her Guardian. They were both sent to live in the human world for their protection, only now Kara has somehow traveled to the Inbetween without many memories. The only thing she even remotely remembers is Dylan. Now she needs to get all of her memories back in order to save Dylan from herself and those out to control her powers.

There are wonderfully fantastic beings in Inbetween. From creatures that resemble trolls, to those that look almost bird like, to the goblin Glint who aids Kara through the book. Each scene is eloquently described in detail, making it easy for the reader to see into the imagination of Boyette's world.

There were some minor errors in grammar, and a few instances where one character's name was used in the wrong place, but all and all it was an enjoyable book. And yes, it was a love story. A story that teaches that love spans even across worlds.

3.5 of 5 stars


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