Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book Review: Hunt The Moon

Today's review is on Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance

Hunt The Moon is the 4th in the continuing story of Cassandra Palmer, God slayer, Pythia, and seer. It has taken a few years for Chance to come out with a new book in this series, and perhaps that is due to the inability for her to chose a long time partner for Cassie.

The story line is still enjoyable if not a little repetitive with the attack's. However, I was happy to see that Cassie had had a truly orgasmic experience with Pritkin. (Though I like Mircea better, but that's just me.)

Someone is attacking not only Cassie, but her mother as well.  How is that even possible when Cassie's parents are both dead?  By shifting back in time and seeing it for herself.  At first she thinks that her mother has been kidnapped by a crazy war mange, but discovers that this is not the case.  The mange is actually helping her  mother, helping to protect her.  After all, Cassie's mother is a . . . , and the mange helping her is actually Cassie's father.

I would like to have seen a little more in regards to Cassie finding out who her father was, and perhaps a little more time for her to actually talk to her mother instead of so much time on the action parts. I think the general audience will be looking for more in depth feelings and interactions between the characters. Mircea's confession of love is a fantastic start.

3 of 5 stars


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