Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book Review: Blood Red Dawn

Today's review is on Blood Red Dawn by Karen E Taylor

Blood Red Dawn is the final installment in Karen Taylor's Vampire Legacy series, and though it was a pleasure to read, I feel that I have lost some dear friends.  It is a difficult task for an author to create characters that seem to come alive, but that is most assuredly not a problem for Taylor.  I fell in love with Deidre, Mitch, Sam,Vivienne, and Victor from the beginning as I'm sure any reader would.

In this, the final book, Deidre has found that she is pregnant with Mitch's child.  Though her memory has escaped, some things never fully go away, like her uneasiness in regards to Max.  He has been reborn as an Other and with his vampire strength he is more difficult to get rid of.

There are up's and down's abound in Blood Red Dawn, and someone very deer looses their life.  I must say that I was a bit upset by this and even shed a tear or two, but as the last line states...."life goes on."

I will miss the adventures of Deidre and the rest, but look forward to reading more of Taylor's works.

4 of 5 stars for Blood Red Dawn


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