Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book Review: Origins

Today's review is on Cate Tiernan's Origins, the 11th book in her Sweep series.

Most of the books in this series have taken me just a day or two to finish, this installment however took me three days to plow through.  It was so far from the usual story of Morgan and her friends that I found that I had to force myself to keep picking it up to finish it.

Origins is centered on the life of Rose McEwan and her first love Diarmuid, the boy she thought was her soulmate.  Their "love" was quick and intense, but was not meant too last for Rose has used a spell to entrap Diarmuid and to keep him.  Though they saw each other nearly each evening, and she became pregnant with his child his true feelings were revealed when she was sentenced to the gallows for witchcraft by the woman he would marry.

On the eve of her hanging Rose is overcome with anger and casts a spell using dark magick.  The spell is to get even with those who had hurt her and others of her clan.  The spell that was to be The Dark Wave.

It was a nice story, but didn't really need to be a stand alone book. 

1 of 5 stars


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