Monday, July 25, 2011

Book Review: Dark Magick ( The Gatekeeper Series #1)

Today's review is on Dark Magic; The Gatekeeper Series by

This has had to be one of the most difficult books for me to read. There were numerous errors which interfered with the flow of the story. Words were transposed, additional words added that didn't belong, names were spelled differently, and tons of grammar problems. I have not read any other works by Thompson-Geer, but I hope the other books are better written.

The basic summary of the book is that there is a war going on, the magickal are being hunted by the government; however, it is not clear why this is the case. There are two prominent women; Lynn and Reah, who are both witches, who must close the gates between this word and another. Again, the book doesnt give much detail as to why this must be done.

There is love, loss, and betrayal in the story, but it was so poorly edited I was disappointed with the book as a whole. It could have been a really enjoyable story if it was seriously given a overhaul. I am sorry to give this book such a poor rating.

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