Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Review: The Vampire Vivienne

Today's review is on The Vampire Vivienne by Karen E Taylor

The Vampire Vivienne is the 5th book in Taylor's Vampire Legacy series and though it does not center on the main character's Mitch and Deirdre, it still flows nicely with the rest of the previous installments.

As the title suggests, the book is written about and from the voice Vivienne Courbet.  She was made vampire in 1719 by Max while he and Victor were in Paris.  She was the newest of the Ladies of the Night at the local brothel called the House of the Swan.  She was just nineteen years old.  From there she lived with Max for a time until he killed Diego, her first love and her first "child", for she had recently turned him.

Vivienne was so angered by Max that she fled back to Paris and took over the House of the Swan.  One evening a young woman; Monique, came to her door beaten and had just recently given birth.  Vivienne had pity on the woman and took her in and cared for her.  She had also found a new love in Eduard DeRouchard.

With the revolution happening in Paris at the time, Eduard became one of those killed by the guillotine.  Monique took his body; claiming to be his wife, back to the brothel and sewed his head back on and cleaned his body so Vivienne could "say good-bye".  That night Vivienne turned Monique vowing not to loose someone she loved again.

Now, Vivienne is heading the Cadre and someone has decided to begin killing vampires again.  One vampire is even killed during a costume party at Vivienne's club, and the very next day the Imperial is bombed killing numerous humans and vampires alike.  Vivienne needs all the help she can get, and Deirdre, Mitch, Lily, Victor and Monique come to her aid.

A truly great read.

4.5 of 5 stars


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