Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Review: Eclipse

Today's review is on Eclipse, Cate Tiernan's 12th book in the Sweep series and was a welcome reappearance of Morgan, Hunter, and their friend Alisa.

There is a dark wave heading towards Morgan and everyone she loves and all signs point to Ciaran as the witch that cast the spell.  After all, he knows that Morgan put a watch sigil on him, and he wants to talk to her.  Now every where she goes she's looking over her shoulder. 

The approaching dark wave is causing the blood witches, Morgan, Hunter, and Hunter's father very ill.  The only witch unaffected is Alisa, who suddenly finds out that she is a half witch from her mother's side.  Because of this, she has been learning the most difficult spell any witch can learn.  The spell to cancel the dark wave.

Eclipse was a good book, but still not as good at the first few books in the series.  There are just 3 left in the series, though I won't be holding out for a return to greatness.

3 of 5 stars


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