Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Review: Better Than 8

Today's review is on Better Than 8 by Erin Jamison

Sweaty, hot and heavy!  Erin Jamison's Better Than 8 is a heart pumping, erotic, fantasy. 

Great books are those that create a world that the reader can hear and feel around them, and this book does just that.

Amara hasn't been in a relationship for four years since Adrian left her and married someone else.  Four years is a long to go without, even while Adrian keeps coming on to her.  So when one of her girlfriends suggests a web site where all the men have to be well endowed, she gives it a shot.

Sevastian seem like the perfect man. Tall, fit, smart, sense of humor, and 10.5 inches long.  They talked via email and alike for three months and then it stopped.  Amara had just about given up, until a chance encounter brings them face to face and as they say. . . "let the games begin."

Better Than 8 is a toe tingling page turner that will leave you wanting for "a little maintenance".  Grab your man, grab your woman, or grab both after you read this book, I know you'll want to.

5 of 5 stars


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