Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Review: Blood Of My Blood

Today's review is on Blood Of My Blood by Karen E Taylor

Blood Of My Blood is the fourth installment in Taylor's Vampire Legacy series and is as exciting as ever.

The story opens in New Orleans with Lily Williams and a group of "friends" talking about their earliest childhood memories.  Lily's was of clawing her way through a coffin and six feet of dirt to emerge into the night.  Her mother had left her for dead and buried her, leaving her to rot in her grave.  All these years her anger and hatred towards her mother only grew.  With the death of her lover Hyde, and her friend Moon, Lily sets out to finally seek her revenge.  Revenge on her unsuspecting mother, Dorothy Grey Williams.

Meanwhile, Mitch and Deidre are entering what seems to be a rut.  They both seem to be a bit edgy at times.  And while Deidre doesn't sleep much Mitch does, and his dreams cause him great anger.  One dream causes him to scream out "kill her!"  and Deidre feels that Mitch has finally come to resent her for turning him and she flees to a neighbor.

When she return's home she finds that Mitch is gone and so is everything else, even the curtains.  Distraught, she sets the cabin on fire and decides to go back to New York and the Cadre only to find that someone else has already been there.  Someone who looks just like her. 

And so the story goes, Lily takes what means the most to Deidre to get her to come to New Orleans; Mitch, and Deidre follows along with Victor and another vampire.

I can hardly wait to move on to book five!!

4 of 5 stars


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