Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book Review: Blood Ties

Today's review is on Blood Ties by Karen E Taylor

Blood Tiers is the third installment in Taylor's Vampire Legacy series and just as enjoyable as the previous two.

The book begins with Mitch on the hunt as Deidre watches and admires his skill, along with his body.  When they return to the pub, Pete informs them that they had a visitor.  That visitor turns out to be Victor Lange come to cash in on their promise to help the Cadre.

There is once again a series of murders taking place in New York and the culprit is killing both humans and vampires.  Larry Martin is "alive" and well it seems, and even as young as he is as a vampire, he has abilities that even Deidre herself has never seen. 

Along with threatening letters to each of the Cadre members, Larry; being the melodramatic type that he is, sends a bouquet of red roses to Deidre.  Among the red roses there is a single black one, and a note saying that he won't forget her.  Each day a rose goes missing and another vampire is found dead.

Now Deidre and Mitch are running against the clock trying to find Larry before he can kill again. 

4 of 5 stars


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