Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Review: Angel Eyes

Today's review is on Angel Eyes by Quinteria Ramey

Angel Eyes is the final installment in the Forever Trilogy, and for me it fell a bit below the mark. There were numerous spelling and grammar errors through out the book, and was a bit anti-climatic.

There was great build up to THE final battle where Ana would finally right the wrong's of her previous lives, but once you got there, there was little to zero action. And though I am a sucker for the happy ending, I think that perhaps the author's could have written it a bit better. It took far to many years for her to be reunited with Tristan, and to see her entire lives relived differently? That's just a little out there.

I had had such high hopes for this last book and was let down. I really liked and enjoyed the two previous installments; even with the numerous errors, and am quite sad Angel Eyes couldn't stand up with them.

2 of 5 stars


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