Monday, October 31, 2011

Book Review: Vanish

Today's review is on Vanish by Sophie Jordan


Vanish is the second installment in Sophie Jordan's Firelight series, and though I have not read the first book; Firelight, I must confess that Vanish is a decent stand alone book.

Jacinda has left Will to return to her home among the draki bringing shame to herself and her family. Shunned by neighbors and her best friend Az, Jacinda still cannot forget about Will and the love they share, and she once again plans to run away only this time someone follows her.

Cassian's sister has the ability to vanish and follows Jacinda to where she is suppose to meet with Will and the both of them get captured. Will arrives to rescue them, but Cassian's sister refuses to go. Now Jacinda must return to the pride to explain what has happened.

In order to save the girl he loves, Cassian offers the only alternative he can think of to save Jacinda from having her wings clipped. They become a bonded pair.

Now Jacinda, her sister, Cassian, and Will are out to free the draki that are being held against their will including Cassian's sister and hopefully Jacinda's own father.

Vanish has all the necessary components of a good YA book. The love triangle, adventure, conflict, and anguish. I'm sure the series will be a great success.

3.5 of 5 stars


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