Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Review: Time of the Faeries: Afterlight, End of the World

Today's review is on Time of the Faeries:  Afterlight, End of the World by J. Corsentino

I have never really been interested in comic books as a kid, nor have I ever had any interest in graphic novels as an adult.  That said, Corsentino's book is a playground for the eyes.  The photography with which the story is told are captivating and eye catching. 

The story is basically about the fall of not only humanity, but the fall of the angels that were once our guardians.  Now, instead of helping humans they are killing them. Though they see it as a humane thing to do.

Though I didn't find the story very interesting, I'm sure others may find it right up their alley.  I would purchase it myself for the amazing pictures alone.

5 of 5 stars based on the artwork


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