Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today's review is on Claimed by K.R. Smith

Claimed is the first book in Smith's Lokoti Werewolf series and though I have read some negative reviews of this book, I think it was pretty good and I really enjoyed reading it.  The copy that I have been given did have one or two error's, but I was notified that the author has already submitted a revised copy. 

Jessica Tandy, a self proclaimed city girl and business professional, goes on a camping trip with her boyfriend of two months and a couple of his friends.  Unfortunately, what she thought would be fun turns into the camping trip from Hell.  All she wants now is a nice hot bath, a nice bed to sleep in, some good old fashion room service, and an actual toilet.  When the group stops at a local bar it seems she will not get any those things though, plus she's hungry and her blood sugar is low.  There is one shining star in all of this though.  It seems she has caught the attention of a tall-dark-and-handsome Lokoti man.

Flint offers to drive Jessica to Anchorage; which is a four hour drive, wanting to make sure she gets there safe.  After all, her "boyfriend" doesn't seem to be taking care of her and he's been drinking.  But once at her hotel room neither one of them can control the passion that is flowing between them.  In the morning she leaves before he awakes and heads home to Seattle.

Once home and settled, she finds that she just can not get the handsome Lokoti, Flint Riverclaw, out of her head and is surprised when he shows up on her doorstep.  Flint has some surprising news for Jessica.  Not only does she find out that Flint is a Werewolf, but that she is now his mate and is carrying his child.

Claimed was well written and flowed nicely. No, it is not a perfect story, but it IS good. A nice one day story that will leave you with a smile.

4 of 5 stars


  1. Very nice review, very well written and understood because I read this book, too, and thought it was a great book. Especially, because I live in Alaska and her descriptions, etc. were pretty darn close for an author who lives downunder and has never been to Alaska. Great job, both of you.

  2. Thanks! I just downloaded it. I wouldn't have bothered without your review.