Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review: Invisible Sun

Today's review is on Invisible Sun By S. J. Davis

Invisible Sun is the second book that I have read by Davis and I must confess that I really liked it.  While I did enjoy the other book; Ink, Invisible Sun shines just a bit more.  The story had a bit of science that just piqued my inner geek as well as my affinity for vampires.  Though set in the 1800's, the events are explained so well that it maintains its ability to seem plausible even though it is a work of fiction.

Mordecai and his coven of Vampires have been dabbling in genetics trying to create the perfect Vampire.  Through their efforts however, they have made all of the female Vampires unable to reproduce.  Their only alternative is to use human woman.

Though both Luca and Draegan both have the same human mother, Draegan is terribly different from his brother.  While Luca follows the laws set forth by the Counsel, Draegan goes against them.  He has begun taking the lives of humans.  Draining them until there is nothing left until Mordecai convinces him to return.

Mordecai puts Draegan in charge of developing a new project that will alter the DNA of a fetus so that only male Vampires will be born.  Something goes wrong.  The women used as test subjects all lose their children and go mad.  Draegan himself becomes infected too by consuming the blood of one of the victims.  Now Draegan's mental state is worse than it was before.  Pushed by his own anger at Mordecai, the Counsel, Luca, and Luca's love of a human woman, Draegan sets in motion the fall of not only the humans but that of him and his own kind.

Not all stories have an happily ever after.  In fact it is often those that do not that seem to stay in our hearts and thoughts longer.  Invisible Sun is one of those stories.  Perhaps Davis will come out with another installment to Invisible Sun and Luca and his love will have their happy ending.  Perhaps she will not.  Either way I will be on the look out for adventures from this new author.

 4 of 5 stars


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