Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Review: Changeling

Today's review is on Cate Tiernan's Changeling, book #8 in her Sweep series.

After the excitement of The Calling, Morgan is asked by the Witches Council to get close to her half brother Killian and her birth father Ciaran.  This would be no easy task and the sakes are high.  The coven run by her friend Alyce is about to be attacked by Amyranth.  Morgan has just 14 days to stop it.

Morgan finds a certain kinship with both Killian and her father, and often struggles with her decision to take on this "mission".  She has broken up with Hunter against her true feelings for him because she doesn't know if she will be a good witch or a bad witch.  With all of the drama going on in her life, her school work has begun to suffer.

In the end though, Morgan is faced with making the choice between good and evil.

I truly enjoy this series and highly recommend it.

4 of 5 stars!!


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