Thursday, June 23, 2011

Karen E Taylor Review's

Today's book review is on Hunger by: Karen E Taylor

This one book actually contains the first two books in the series, and though I have read this book back in May, I have just one word to describe it.  WOW!! 

Even though the week that I had chosen to read this book was chock full of practices and performances by my two children I still managed to finish the first book, BLOOD SECRETS, in just three days.

The story of Deirdre Griffin, fashion designer, and vampire is full of mystery, love, and loss.  At sometimes even bringing a tear to my eyes.

There is only one person who knows Deirdre's secret, and that is her best friend and former lover Max.  For years she has depended on Max for support, comfort, and unsuspecting prey.  But now, Deirdre realizes that there is another like her roaming the city.  She is both excited to learn this but is also angered because this other vampire is draining his prey and leaving a trail that leads police to her.

With surprise Deidre finds that she has fallen in love with Mitch, a detective for the police department working on the case.  The scenes with Mitch are erotic without going into to much detail, leaving plenty for the mind to fill in, which is a skill not many writers have.

Towards the end of the first book, Deidre finds that her best friend Max has been keeping something from her all these years.  He is the one she has sought all of her immortal life.  He is the monster that had created her, and her world comes crashing down when she has to end his life, perhaps at the cost of Mitch's. 

4.5 of 5 stars


Today's review is on Karen E Taylor's second book in Hunger titled Bitter Blood

Bitter Blood picks up just two years after Deirdre Griffin leaves New York.  She has been in Europe working with her business partner as a pub owner until a young "Yank" comes looking for her.  But this Yank is not whom she expected to see.  It is Chris, Mitch's son, and he has come to Deirdre seeking help for his father.

Mitch has been in institutionalized because he has been seeing mythological creatures...vampires.  They have be haunting and tormenting him.  Finally seeming to give up on any one believing him, Mitch stops talking about the vampires and just hums an old song.  That is until Deirdre returns to New York and visits him in the hospital.  She goes to  his side and sings the words to him and receives an unexpected welcome home "gift".

Mitch recovers and both he and Deirdre are back together, but not without problems.  Max for one, may be dead, but he is still along for the ride in an most unusual way, and he's not the only ghost in town.  There are also others who want revenge for Max's death and they want blood.  Deirdre's to be exact, after she confesses to Max's best friend Victor that it was actually she who killed him.

Mitch and Deirdre go through many up's and down's in Bitter Blood as both new and old character's are added to the mix, with surprises around every turn of the page.

I have already ordered the remaining books in this series and will anxiously await their arrival.

4.5 of 5 stars


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