Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book Review: Dead Girl Dancing

Today's review is on Dead Girl Dancing by:  Linda Joy Singleton

Dead Girl Dancing is the second installment in this series and is much better than the first!

Dancing picks up right where Walking leaves off.  Amber is now "living" in the body of Sharayah Rockingham. You read right, "Rayah" is the older sister of Eli, the boy that she "maybe-loves".  At least she has the GEM; the guidance manual; to help her this time.

Rayah has changed so much after her relationship with Gabe went south.  She basically dumped all of her friends and has become a notorious party girl.  Plus, she has been getting threatening notes and texts.  Before Eli can come to the aid of his girlfriend/sister though, Rayah's new friends Sadie and Mauve take her to Venice Beach for spring break.  Amber realizes that not only does Rayah need some help, but so do her new friends.

As with all good YA books, everything works out in the end.  Even Eli has a chance to fulfill his dream of being a singer!!

YEA!! for Singleton's Dead Girl Dancing.

4 of 5 stars


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