Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book Review: Hit List

Today's review is on Hit List by:  Laurell Hamilton

I have read all of Hamilton's Anita Blake series and have never been let down.  Each installment leaves me begging for more except for one, that is until now.

There is someone is on a killing spree in a manner that is inhumanly possible.  The body's are literally torn apart and Marshal's Anita and Edward have been called in to help capture the "monster" who is responsible.  When two of the other Marshal's are wounded along with Anita, Edward calls in Spotted Horse and Olaf as backup.

The Mother of all Darkness is out to possess Anita yet again, and she is using those who can not be named to get to her. 

The over all book was pretty flat.  The sexual tension that is prominent in the other books is lacking in Hit List.   To that I say to Hamilton....that was part of the enjoyment!! Even the interaction between Anita and Olaf was flat.  I feel so left down.  I mean I have been waiting anxiously for this book and it was just Blah.  I certainly hope that the next installment in the Anita Bake series is back to normal!

I hate to do it, but I can only give Hit List a GENEROUS 3 of 5 stars.


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